Overview of Zanzibar School of Health

Zanzibar School of Health is an ideal place for the intensive multi-disciplinary collaborations called for by today's scientific and clinical community. Its relatively small size but it is growing by numbers of students but also the courses being added every year.

Many developing countries have a shortage of trained Clinical and supporting personnel. Rural areas are particularly affected, as doctors predominantly work in urban areas. Various problems have been linked with the depletion in the workforce, including HIV (either because of death, sickness, or fear of exposure to the disease), the migration of trained staff, and the lack of resources.

Currently The Zanzibar School of Health is running four courses which are Clinical Officer, Nursing and Midwifery, Counselling Psychology and Community Development. Counselling Psychology and Community Development are offered in collaboration with Iringa Unviversity. Courses that shall be offered soon including Certificate and Diploma in Disaster Management and Diploma in Pharmacy.

The idea of the School began with Dr. Salum Abdullah Amur who was running Nursing and Midwifery courses at the Zanzibar Commercial Institute and later joined hands with Dr. Amur Abdullah Amur (the late), Ally Saleh and Aziza Hamed under new arrangement of shareholding in 2010 and came up with new name which is ZANZIBAR SCHOOL OF HEALTH The first course was the Diploma in Nursing and midwifery in 2011, followed by Counselling Psychology in 2012 then by Clinical Medicine (CO) in 2015.

The School began with 84 students for Nursing and Midwifery but now we have average total of 358 for all courses. We have two batches of Graduates of Nursing and Midwifery which comes to total of 131 and 109 Councelling Psychology The School’s graduates have been absorbed as employees in both government and private institutions which means the outcome product is good and competitive and this encourages both the teaching and administrative staffs. Currently the School is based at rented premises but plans are to ensure suitable land is available for putting up own structures to fit with the demand of having bigger space for the growing and expanding needs.


The Zanzibar School of Health (ZSH) was established in September 2011, and officially inaugurated on 30th June 2012 by the Honourable Pandu Ameir Kificho, Speaker of Zanzibar House of Representatives.

The alarming scarcity of health and social workers in Zanzibar and Tanzania respectively has forced the Native Entrepreneurs to establish an Institute which will train as much health and social works as possible. Therefore ZSH was established to cater for that need. In order to ensure standard and quality of awards provided. ZSH syllabus is competent base approved National Council of Technical Education (NACTE). Hence the institute is full registered by NACTE.

Mission of ZSH

To establish conducive and sustainable training environment that will allow students to attain adequate knowledge, attitude, value, and skills leading in provision of high quality of evidence based practice to society.

Vision of ZSH

To produce competent graduates who provide quality services and cope with existing and emerging social economical issues.

Future Plans

To offer courses of highest need i.e. degree courses that would contribute in filling manpower gap as well as promote carrier development and professionalism among graduates. The School anticipate conducting researches for the betterment of nursing services and other professions. To offer other courses such as Diploma in Pharmacology by 2017 The Zanzibar school of health is firmly committed to the construction and development of its own teaching Hospital and college, and will continue to engage with our staffs and community to progress this development


The Zanzibar School of Health is committed to creating a learning environment that is responsive to the changes and challenges of the health care, and the world community. Our programs are designed to respond to individual learning needs with a focus on building and expanding our cadres practices as professional healthcare workers..



We offer different certificate courses, in academic year 2017/2018 including; Certificate in disaster management, certificate in counseling psychology and Certificate in community development



Zanzibar School Of Health offers the following diploma courses; Diploma in clinical medicine, Diploma in general nursing, Diploma in counseling psychology and Diploma in community development


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