The ZSH has modern library room situated in down floor. The library can accommodate up to 50 students at a time and is served by two librarians.

The ZSH library has over one thousand books of nursing, counselling, psychology, disaster & management, information communication technology, child care and protections, and development studies. The library also contains several periodicals volumes and journal covering all courses conducted at ZSH.

There are two categories of books, include lending books and special reserved book. A student has the right to lend a not more than two books at a time for one week, for special reserved book a students or any other users has to use book with in library and he/she shall not allowed to take book out of library.

ZSH Library official started to operate in 2011; her main clients are mainly students, tutors and supporting staffs.

Vision: ZSH library intends to provide conducive reading environment to learners as well as tutors and other staffs.

Mission: To support teaching staff and learners to reach the expected goals of quality education and build up the reading culture among the students and other research users by providing them with good services and facilities.

To encourage users to build utilizes the library facilities for conducting research studying and other project works.

Registration and Membership

To be members of ZSH library, client (students, tutors and other users) must be registered and given two borrowing cards to allow him/her borrow two books at a time, tutor and non-academic staff are given three borrowing cards.


No person may exercise the privilege of borrowing the library materials unless she/he has filled and signed registration card at the issue desk, which signifies that the borrower has agreed to abide by the library regulations. The reader borrowing cards when not in use must be returned.

Library Rules

All members of library have the right to use and borrow library materials under the following rules. Lost or Damage Library materials

a) The loss of cards should be reported to the library immediately

b) Readers or borrowers will be held responsible for any damage done to books while in their possession, and will be required to pay the full current value of such book in case of damage.

c) Any library borrowed materials borrowed by reader and reported as lost or missing will be replaced on the borrower's expenses, according to the price of the book as purchased by ZSH management.

Opening hours:

Service days Monday to Saturday, the library remain closed during all public holidays

Monday to Friday

8:00am -7: 00 pm


8:30am - 1:00 pm


a) Silence must be observed in the library

b) Mobile phones must be switched off in the library

c) One should not enter the library with any kind of bags, coats, cases or any other things related to

d) Smoking is not permitted in the library

e) Food/drinks are highly restricted in the library

f) Placing of feet on furniture or sitting on tables are not allowed.


a) References services: users are allowed to use reference inside the library only during the working hours.

b) Newspapers: Tanzanian daily and weekly newspapers are available in ZSH library.

c) Issues Services Book which has been borrowed is reserved by the librarian, by filling the readers issued card obtained at issued desk.

c) User training: new student are given training on how to use library in orientation week of each academic year.

d) Examination Papers: past papers of examination held at ZSH are available and students are allowed to borrow and make their own copy (ies) as well.


The Zanzibar School of Health is committed to creating a learning environment that is responsive to the changes and challenges of the health care, and the world community. Our programs are designed to respond to individual learning needs with a focus on building and expanding our cadres practices as professional healthcare workers..



We offer different certificate courses, in academic year 2017/2018 including; Certificate in disaster management, certificate in counseling psychology and Certificate in community development



Zanzibar School Of Health offers the following diploma courses; Diploma in clinical medicine, Diploma in general nursing, Diploma in counseling psychology and Diploma in community development


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