At the beginning of each academic year, ZSH opens a window for new students’ intake or transfer of students (student transfers are also possible in between semesters). There is one intake at ZSH; September intake. Public announcements for applications usually start in mid-May for September intake. The announcements are made following various media such as on the Institution’s social media platforms and word of mouth. Prospective students who wish to join ZSH should follow the following steps:

  1. Check and confirm entry requirements for the course they wish to apply for on the ZSH or NACTE website. They can also opt to enquire through social media platforms or over the phone.

  2. Request and acquire an account number to pay for a non-refundable/non-transferable application fee of Tshs. 30,000/= by Tanzanian applicants and, US $30 for foreign applicants. The application form is only handed over after submitting a pay-in slip from the People’s Bank of Zanzibar (PBZ). Account Name: Zanzibar School of Health and Account Number: 0404847000. The account numbers can also be retrieved from the ZSH media or at the banks.

  3. They will be given the application form to fill in and submit to the admissions Office. The form is usually attached with:

    a. Copies of education/profession certificates or statement of results

    b. Birth certificate

    c. Identity Card (National or Zanzibar) or Passport.

    d. Passport size photos


All and any other inquiries about admissions should be addressed to the admission Officer. Contact information is given in the appendices.